About the GREENZONE Blogging team

We are beyond excited about this new adventure of reaching out to help individuals outside of our clinic! Mental health and Psychiatry have long been shrouded in mystery and ignorance which builds barriers to learning  and healing. We are so delighted to use this Blog to breakdown these barriers and open the gates to learning the Secrets of Successful Living!


Helene Henderson
Helene Henderson
Bette Davis
Bette Davis

Our Green Zone Team is led by Helene Henderson who is our Blogging Aficionado. Bette Davis, author and psychotherapist at Creative Psychotherapy Clinic, collaborates with Helene about the administration of the Blog and is a content consultant on mental health issues. Dr. Sohail, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and author, is the main weekly contributor. 



The Blog, posted weekly on  Tuesday, will share with Readers information on the Green Zone Concept taken from the Green Zone Book Series. When we receive more lengthy questions from our Readers, we will use a Question and Answer  format. Dr. Sohail will then offer his suggestions, based on the information given, to address the issue as he would if he were seeing that person in our clinic. We anticipate that there will be some discussion about the Blog of the Week or the Question of the Week and Dr. Sohail will respond to those inquiries if needed.

So, we invite you to consider the questions you’ve always wanted to ask a psychiatrist or mental health professional.  This is your chance, to reveal the mysteries of Mental Health!

It’s free!

It’s confidential!

And it’s all about you!

So ask any questions  you want about your emotional health, your mental well-being and your relationships.

Let’s get started!

17 thoughts to “About the GREENZONE Blogging team”

  1. This blog is a wonderful endeavor for all those people who cannot make it to a clinic for the help they need. For those who don’t seek help because they are shy, unsure, scared or ridiculed can now sit in the privacy of their home or office and reach out to someone. This opportunity to talk things out without fear and get professional advice could be life changing. It may also be the first step in meeting with a professional who can then offer a full range of care.

    Thank you for giving your time and helping people reach out.

    1. Dear Louise, Thank you for your appreciation. Every peaceful Green Zone action counts to create a peaceful Green zone World. Dr Sohail

  2. To all of you that are beginning this new journey in caring for the mental health of others, I applaud you. We encounter so many people that are in desperate need of help but do not know where to turn or are uncomfortable seeking help. You have just afforded a means for people suffering silently to take a first step towards better mental health. Your forward thinking approach to mental health care through this site is refreshing and will hopefully aid in reaching many more people in the future.

    1. Dear Linda, Thanks for your inspiring comments. We need people like you who are insightful about people’s struggles to encourage them to have an open and honest dialogue about mental health.
      Dr. Sohail

  3. This is very exciting! I wish you success as this blog has the potential of engaging and healing many individuals!

  4. Dear Anne, thanks for your kind words. It is the first step. Let us see how far we can go. Your support is very valuable. Peacefully, Dr. Sohail

  5. Congratulations on the new site which is beautiful and peaceful in appearance, and offers a warm welcome to those seeking help and information.

  6. So pleased to see this information on my computer. It is a wonderful idea and will help so many. Congratulations on your endeavour and wishing you all the very best. Thank you for all you do to give to others.

    Respectfully yours,
    with thanks


  7. Dear Dr. Sohail, Bette and Helene

    I am so excited about this idea…this blog. You and your team will help so many people who are out there sitting behind their computers …suffering in silence…and don’t know where to turn…this blog will open many doors.
    I applaud you all and congratulate you.

    I look forward to participating and learning.

    From me to you…thanks for doing this 🙂


    1. Dear Prisoner, You are actually the liberator, liberating yourself and others from self imposed prison. We can all help each other. My grandmother used to say ‘ one and one make eleven not two’. Thanks for your participation.
      Dr. Sohail

  8. Thank you so much for starting this blog in the area which really needs out attention. Mental health issues are stigmatized almost in every culture but mostly in Asian culture. I congratulate you in taking the first step. I have read some of your books and inspired by your work in this area. I am happy that you are trying to give the voice of the silent sufferers of mental health issues. Looking forward to read your next blog.

    1. Dear Gohar, Thanks for your insightful comments. You have done a wonderful job by writing articles and books about mental health in Urdu to educate South Asian people. Every candle counts to decrease the darkness of ignorance and prejudice creating stigma. Peacefully, sohail

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