A Poem and Another Tribute to Michael

This Thursday in group we talked about Michael. He passed away a year ago.

Before his passing I experienced a loss through a friend of mine.  His grandchild was born and passed away on the same day.  The news was very sad and unexpected.

I planted a Cherry tree for the baby on my property.  Shortly after the baby’s passing Michael also passed away.  I wanted to plant a tree for Michael as well.   I could not find a tree that would match Michael’s Charisma.  The Spring was short and Summer was busy, so when Winter came I knew that I would have to wait until next Spring to find a tree.  Spring came and so my search for the right tree began. As I was walking around my property I then noticed a tree in my garden that had grown over three times the size it was last spring.  It was a sturdy Pine tree. It was a bold tree that had different colored tips and layers, just like Michael.

It was then that I realized, Michael had chosen his own tree, not me. This tree was in the front part of the garden, just like Michael was the front man of our group.

I was also inspired to write this poem about Michael and our Thursday morning Grouptherapy.



This Thursday

Traveling in pairs

and on their own

pleasant smiles are exchanged

with bowing friendly nods


Favourite chairs are chosen

placed like puzzle pieces

sitting in a circle

of golden lights


Walking shoes bring guests

to hear

the gentle tears

of melting hearts


Quiet to listen


at the empty chair

hearing about his fate


Who knew

we were talking

about a love story

on this Thursday.